The Last Day Note

Dear all,

It has been positively challenging, enriching, and an exciting journey during this _______ (tell how long you have been working) being in charge as _______ (put your position here).

At some point, a person needs to challenge his/herself to take fresher and more challenging responsibility, either in the current field – you already love, or shift to another. This time, I got the opportunity to learn a new field which hopefully can support my career path even more – as same as what I have had during my time in _______ (put the company name here).

Now this is my turn for writing some lines to mark my own last day.

I would like to thank _______ (put the bosses names here) for the supervision and uncountable lesson to learn.

Many thanks for _______ (put your division name here) team for all smiles and laugh. For every little joy that made me realize that working is not only to make a living, it is a part of living itself.

I would also like to thank you all, partners and colleagues, for good cooperation, for all supports of which I could not be here without. Moreover, being able to connect with valuable partners and colleagues like you, is lessons and learning all the way. Thank you for the opportunity to work with all of you, I wish you all success. My sincere apology should I’ve done or said wrong, for any late replies, slow response and all. However, it has been a great time for me.

All of current progress in our project has been handed over to fellow _______ (put your division name here)  team, and I believe efforts that we all have been making, it will yield in time.

“Good bye” is never an easy word, so I would rather to say “Until we meet again”. Let’s see the bright side, having more good bye means more reunion in the future. After all, life is a journey not a destination. May our paths cross again someday.

So please, do not hesitate to contact me through my personal email address (_______) and phone number (_______)

“Because life is like riding bicycle. To keep it balance, you have to keep moving forward” – Albert Einstein.

Thanks again!

Warmest regards as always,

_______ (your name here)

For HCA, until we meet again and share the same sunset 🙂



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