God wants more than merely just listening to our complains and answering our prayers. God didn’t create us because He had nothing else to do. After God created, He doesn’t ignore us either. Instead, He really wants to be close to us.

God did not make us on a mass production line. You wont find two people in the whole world who have the same fingerprint. Why did God make you different from every person who’s ever lived? Because God wants you to know how special you are, how much you matter to God. You were designed by God and it was God idea. It’s not a mistake. You were planned before birth. God did not simply sit down at a computer and randomly access a bunch of components and throw it all together and out came you.

A lot of people think they don’t have any abilities. We just don’t recognize them as abilities. Many are good with numbers, words, or speaking. Some of us can think with great ideas and abstract thought. We all have different abilities and they are not by accident. God gave them to us for a purpose. God puts desires in our heart. The way discover what our heart, our basic motivation in life, is ask to ourself. What do I really love to do? What do I really dream about? We have basic interests that God has implanted in our life in order to accomplish different things.

Knowing that we are unique should humble us. It should make us realize just how much God loves us and God is always with us even in times of despair. If you feel abandoned today, please know that God is there. He may be just waiting for you to call on Him. Always feel free to pray to Him and ask Him to come into your life and bring new hope, purpose, meaning and direction.

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