It’s been a month since I left for Makassar to join on biggest national intervarsity scientific competition, called PIMNAS (Pekan Ilmiah Mahasiswa Nasional). This year, UI sent 26 people divided in 8 teams, four teams to compete on main categories, and the rests were on side-categories. It’s a few quantities actually. Comparing with another avant-garde university in Indonesia, like UGM, ITS or ITB which send more than 30 teams.

After the closing ceremony, we went home only with three awards. Two were for 2nd and 3rd place in side-categories, and the another one was went to one of my friend for being a ‘favourite participant’ in main categories. Even, my team won 3rd place in side-categories, I have to admit that I feel ashamely sorry for the result, and feel embarrased on how UI’s ignorance of the competition. However, I feel really proud to all of my companion, all students who have been struggling for the sake of our almamater. All we want to do are enjoy the process, do our best, and don’t put a shame into UI’s name.

After all, I’d like to say some personal notes to all 25 yellow-jacketers with whom I’ve been struggling on the five days together. Thank you for sharing all the way, in smiles, laughs, spirits, sorrow, anger, dissapointment, inspiration, and all of times wrapped in great package called memories 🙂


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